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Read What People Are Saying About Spinal Decompression and the DRX9000


Arturo R., Customer Engineer

When I came to Dr Davis' Decompression Center, I was worried. I had suffered from sharp, stabbing pain in my low back on and off for about five years. I tried physical therapy, medication and even chiropractic care, but nothing seemed to solve my problem.

I wasn't able to work, go out with friends or play softball because I was in so much pain. I felt like I needed to rest all the time and the only thing that made me feel better was ice.

I was scared I would end up disabled if it continued. I was hoping Front Street could provide me an answer to what was wrong with my back and how to fix it. The doctors here were great! They examined me and recommended I get an MRI.

It turned out, I had a disc herniation. The good news: I was a candidate for the DRX.

The DRX treatment was different from what I had tried in the past. The treatment program was not stressful, so I did not worry about the therapy. It was not painful; I did not have to dread coming in for treatment. Everyday, I saw a little bit of progress. That helped me stay positive and keep up with the care.

I learned a lot about my condition while I was going through treatment. I even got to attend one of Front Street's free lunch-time seminars on low back health. The doctor explained how my spine had gotten injured in the first place and gave valuable tips and advice on how to keep it healthy, now that I'm feeling better. And I am feeling better. I have no real pain anymore and I am back to most of my everyday activities. I feel like I have my life back.

The best part about my whole experience, though, was the staff. I have nothing but good things to say about them. Everyone is friendly and eager to help you feel better as fast as possible. I am very grateful to everyone at Executive Express Chiropractic.

Rina V., Clerk

My lower back pain was what brought me in to see Dr Davis, but in addition to resolving the pain in my back, Dr Davis was able to help to rehab the stroke from which I suffered and improve the general weakness in the left side of my body.

In 1993 I had an accident where I slipped and fell, and I had had back pain ever since. In addition to this pain, I had a stroke in 1999. This rendered the left side of my body weak and I had terrible pain in my lower back. I loved dancing with my friends and going bowling with my family but ever since my accident and stroke I have not been able to do these things. I was willing to do anything to fix the pain. The pain pills worked for a limited time and the cortisone injections worked, but then they faded out and the pain came back. I needed a permanent solution and I think I may have found one with the DRX.

Since undergoing treatment on the DRX, I have not needed any medication at all!

I am so happy to be able to say that. I don't feel the pain in my back anymore. The feeling of compression that I had is gone! It is great! Not only is the pain gone, but also I have enjoyed my treatment sessions. The staff is so nice and helpful and the clinic is very comfortable.

After undergoing the decompression, I started the core-strengthening program on Dr Davis' Spineforce. I have noticed significant improvements, especially on my left side, which as I mentioned, has been weak since the stroke. I feel myself getting stronger and I really like it.

I am so grateful for Dr Davis' and his effective machines!

Beverly M., Retired

I don't know how else to say it: I put my back out. One morning, at the end of January I woke up and my back was out of shape. I didn't know what it was from. I have always had some sort of back pain that comes and goes, however, this was different. It was all I could do to just walk. I couldn't move. It was horrible. I thought to myself, great I'll just stand here all day and not do anything. I couldn't move. Any length of walking bothered me, and I literally wasn't able to do anything on my own. I couldn't dress; I couldn't put on my shoes. My husband helped me do everything. I was so sick of just sitting in a chair or lying in bed. That was all I did.

I went to my doctor who sent me to a spine doctor who recommended physical therapy. He said therapy and exercise should fix it. He prescribed therapy once a week for one month. Right after those four weeks, my therapy was terminated and I was not better. They said they couldn't do anything further. I knew I needed more because I was still walking with a cane and was bent over. I was doing my exercises at home, but it just didn't do anything.

My husband loves to play golf. One of his golf friends had just had his back pain helped by a new treatment, the DRX, and was now able to return to golf. Her back was much better, and she told my husband that if I was able to get better, he could spend less time assisting me, and they could enjoy more golf!

I tried it, and I'm happy I did. I am so happy with Dr Davis' office. From day one, I was surprised at the friendliness of the staff. They knew my name right from the beginning. Not just the front desk staff, but everybody; the tech's, the support staff and of course the doctor. At the beginning I was sore after each treatment. It was hard going. With the support of Dr Davis and the staff, I stuck through it and began noticing a significant improvement in my back. I began to get my mobility back. I used to rely on a cane to walk up and down the stairs, but as the treatment progressed, I found that I could make it without. I now do not use my cane at all.

After finishing the decompression treatments, I started using Dr Davis' Spineforce to activate the CORE muscles and work on my balance, and that was when I really noticed a huge change. I can do everything now that I couldn't do before. I'm cooking now, I'm walking up and down stairs with out my cane, I have more independence and my husband has more golf!

Barnett B., Herbalife Representative

Pain and the inability to walk had totally taken over my life. I suffered from severe pain that shot all the way down my right leg and back pain that kept me awake at night. Both of these things prevented me from walking further than ten feet. The constant pain that radiated down my leg contributed to the significant limp that I also had.

My life basically revolved around my constantly trying to manage the pain. I couldn't think about anything else. I did not have any energy for anything else was never able to get into a deep sleep at night because whenever I had to change position, I had to wake up and reposition myself very deliberately and consciously to avoid the stabbing pain. Without proper sleep, I never felt rested or energized. In addition to the sleep loss, I couldn't walk. I need to walk a lot for my business and not being able to do that, I felt like my business was suffering.

After having a steroid injection nerve root block, I actually had a good four weeks. Then, it wore off and the pain was back. I seriously thought I was heading for surgery. I did not want to do surgery. Obviously, pain pills have serious side effects and I did not want to be on them for any longer than I could stand. It was then that I heard about the DRX and decided I would look into it.

Dr Davis' office was so aesthetically pleasing. The staff are absolutely number one! Tops! They made it really nice to be here. Everyone is really congenial and knowledgeable. It was so easy to do. The process right from being diagnosed, to signing up, to receiving treatment was all so easy.

Now, I feel great. The pain in my right leg is gone. It is 100% better. My energy is back. Pain really saps your energy, and it is amazing to feel energized again. I can walk again. I can sleep again and I just mentally and emotionally feel good.

Stephen W., Media Associate

This was not the first time I had suffered from a lower back injury, but it was the first time that I was able to find treatment that worked quickly and effectively.

I had a herniated disc 15 years ago and I tried medications, cortisone injections, and physical therapy. I did eventually get better, but it took a long time. It was very gradual. This time when I experienced another low back injury, I was in so much pain that I couldn't stand the thought of waiting so long again to have relief. I found myself completely immobile. I couldn't walk 20 feet without a lot of pain. The pain went all the way down my right leg to my foot. The bottom of my right foot was numb, and my right quad was also numb. I was in so much pain that I couldn't even hold a conversation with anybody. I was so distracted about how I could move myself to find some sort of relief. I was pretty useless at work. At one point I actually needed to start working from home because I couldn't drive or be in a car for so long.

In addition to not being able to sit, I could stand or walk either. It was really bad. So, I started getting treatment in the form of acupuncture, massage, chiropractic adjustments, and drugs. These things were not working. My chiropractor referred me back to my MD. My MD really just postponed any sort of treatment and didn't have any answers for me. I couldn't even get an MRI from him. After hearing about Dr. Davis from my co-worker, I decided to abandon the MD route - that just wasn't going anywhere- and go and see Dr Davis.

I was impressed right from the first moment I walked through the door. Dr. Davis' confidence that he could help me was instantly re-assuring. It was a huge relief to get that vote of confidence. I got the MRI I wanted within hours, and I got the treatment started within days of my first visit. This is clearly a top shelf practice. It is comfortable; the staff are friendly and are clearly there for the patient's optimal care.

Within two pulls I felt a difference. I noticed a significant drop in pain. Then I reached a plateau, where I stayed for a while. After that, I experienced another drop in pain. I was then down to taking only Motrin. During the last week of treatment, I really felt the pain go down. I now feel like it is pretty much gone. I still need to make some lifestyle changes, like not sitting for extended periods of time, but with the help of Dr. Davis and his staff, I know that I can get the guidance I need to avoid a reoccurrence of the pain - unlike the last time! I am so relieved that I was able to find the DRX, receive fast and efficient treatment, and get the results that I did.

Annabel M., Retired

After running from Boston to San Francisco, having extraordinary health, and generally being accustomed to an obedient, functioning body, I have always lived life to its fullest. However, a couple of years ago, when hiking on Glacier Trail in Yosemite, I fell four times, and bam! Something in my back pulled. From that day on, the lower back pain has been debilitating. My usual triweekly 5-mile walk suffered as a result. It hurt to walk. Eventually, I was forced to stop walking. In addition to the back pain, I developed sciatica. My leg would either be in pain, along with back, or go numb.

I tried using over the counter pain medication and applying a topical ointment. They both provided relief for a couple of hours, but then the pain would start up again. Nothing really worked until I found Dr. Davis and the DRX.

The DRX started to work for me after the 8th treatment. For the first week, I felt a relieving stretch, but nothing too significant. Then, halfway through the second week, I couldn't believe it, but my pain was gone! The pain is completely gone, and it feels great! I have not experienced the old sciatica or leg numbness at all since that pivotal moment.

I have to admit that the friendly and helpful staff and Dr. Davis' knowledgeable and caring approach contributed to my deciding to go through with the treatment just as much as the science and testimonials that back it up! I followed Dr. Davis' instructions explicitly and I am so happy with the results. I can swim again. I can walk again. I realize that I will not be running my marathons anymore, but for 83 years old, that's okay! To have my swimming and mobility back is such a relief. I am ready to go back to my weights and as I mentioned already, having the back pain completely gone feels great!

Larry B., Self-Employed

My back has been a nagging source of discomfort and soreness for years. In addition to my lower back pain, I have suffered from incredible wrist pain in my right wrist for the same amount of time. What brought me in to see Dr. Davis and to try the DRX was a recent increase in pain in my low back. What my visit and continued treatment resulted in was the relief of the pain in my lower back, and also the relief of the pain in my wrist!

My back pain had always been at it's worst in the mornings. The first two to three steps I take in the morning have always been very painful and my back was very stiff. Not a great way to start the day. My back pain meant that I could not be as active as I would have liked. Long walks triggered the pain. I needed to take Ibuprofen before and after I played golf, and even then I was still sore and very stiff for at least 24 hours after the game. Using pain pills did provide some relief; however it was nothing permanent.

After the first two treatments on the DRX, I could tell I was achieving my goal. I could feel my back improving. After the fourth treatment I no longer woke up with morning soreness. I could tell that something had shifted in my back and it felt better.

When I first went to Dr. Davis' office, it appeared to be very professional and I immediately felt safe. The fact that the practice has been here for 15 years also was a plus. I could see that there were many patients who were enjoying their treatment experience. I liked the large, open office; it made me feel very comfortable and safe.

Now, with my first steps of the morning feeling totally normal, and my back feeling like the decompression has done the trick, I am ready to start on the core muscle-conditioning component of Dr Davis' treatment plan. I am looking forward to strengthening my back and keeping the work that the machine did in place.

Katherine W., Counselor

My back was so sore and I was in so much pain that I couldn't sleep. I could feel a painful sensation that was like bone rubbing on bone. Each and every morning, I did not want to get up. In addition to my physical back pain, I was always unhappy. I knew that I needed to do something about my low back pain and in turn help my depression.

I am a counselor and my job demands that I provide care for my clients. My back pain prevented me from being able to do so. It was very difficult. I couldn't sit down and I couldn't lift anything. It really interfered with my job. After work I would just go home and stay there. I really did not want to be social because all I could focus on was my pain. I didn't want to bring everyone else down too. I was too miserable to see other people. I love drawing, but I couldn't draw because I couldn't sit! What bothered me the most was that I couldn't work out (well not sleeping was bad too!). Working out is a big part of my life and I was very depressed that I could not go to the gym. So, not being able to sit, sleep, lift, or exercise, I knew I had to do something.

My back specialist prescribed a cortisone shot for me. I considered this option but based upon the horrible things I've heard from people who have had them, I decided to try and find a better treatment. I wanted to try the DRX first.

Everyone in Dr. Davis' office is so nice and sweet. I really enjoy going there. I like them! The treatment and the office itself is very relaxing.

I am very happy with my decision to not have the cortisone shot, and to go for the DRX instead. I feel so much better. I can now sleep through the night. It's great! I don't need to be rolled out of bed anymore. I have more energy. I don't get tired like I used to. I can stand and walk a lot while at work, and I can do long walks now for exercise. What I am most impressed with is that I am back at the gym working out again. Based upon the recommendations of Dr. Davis' fitness instructors, I have substituted some of my old exercises for the machines that are safe for my back.

Beatrice and Gerald C., Retired

I had incredible back pain for 2 and a half months before I found Dr. Davis and the DRX. My husband Gerald also has had back pain, on and off for a very long time.

My back was very bad and the pain would come in spurts. I could only walk one black, if that, before my back prevented me from moving anymore, I did not like this limited mobility and I hated not being able to walk. It made playing golf, which I love, very painful and limited.

I tried acupuncture and it worked to a certain extent. It did not really help my back pain though. I knew that I definitely did not want surgery. I saw no good in surgery at all. My daughter insisted that I do something about my pain. She made us go see Dr. Davis and find out more about the DRX.

When my husband Gerald, my daughter Melanie, and I went to see Dr. Davis, I felt very comfortable asking him questions. He was very approachable. He and his staff educated us on our condition and on the treatment he could provide. The treatment makes sense to me so we decided to do it. Gerald and I were able to schedule our treatments right next to each other so we could go and receive help at the same time. My daughter Melanie is scheduled to start this summer.

I felt nothing for the first 10 pulls. And this is why I do not recommend stopping after only 10: right after that, my back pain got better. After the 10th decompression, the treatment progressed at a more intense level and it worked! I can now walk longer. I can play golf again. I can actually walk all over the golf course, a hilly golf course! I'm going for the 9 hole now! I also started doing the exercises that Dr. Davis and his staff gave me after the 10th visit and I think that they helped me a lot too.

John B., Retired

I have always had a lower back problem. Back in 2003 I was in so much pain, I was bed ridden for 5 weeks. More recently, I drove from San Francisco to Modesto and back in one day, which triggered pain in my right leg and back. It was right after this last bought of pain that I found the information about the DRX and decided to get some treatment.

I had previously tried physical therapy and had no success. Pain medication also proved futile. I found that if I took IB Profin every four hours I could find relief, but then my back would get worse because I was ignoring the problem.

It hurt to walk, to stand, and it hurt to go shopping. Sometimes I found that I needed to use a step stool to rest my leg on when I was making dinner. Now, I do not use that step stool at all. Since the DRX treatment, I have not needed the IB Profin once. My pain is gone.

I am now able to get dressed without difficulty. I have so much more mobility and flexibility in my back and right leg./p>

I am also impressed with the punctuality of Dr. Davis and his staff. When I signed up for the treatment I thought that it would basically take up my whole day each and every day I came in. I expected to be waiting around as you normally do in doctor's office. I was surprised and very pleased to find that I never waited once. The treatment, as a whole has been a very minor time intrusion for me. I am so happy I could receive treatment so efficiently, and I love the results.

Lori S., Art Consultant

Before my DRX treatment, severe low back pain made it impossible for me to sit, stand, walk, dance, drive, and even lay in bed. My lower back pain had completely disabled me. After undergoing the recommended surgery, I experienced severe post surgery pains. I was not satisfied with the solution the surgeon offered: Narcotics. I could not stand the thought of only masking the symptoms and of being on pain medication the rest of my life.

I am a very active person, and being in constant pain was heart breaking. I could not play with my daughter, I was unable to fully participate in the opening of my business, and dance, a very significant part of my life, was completely taken from me. I tried using exercise to strengthen my back and core muscles, but I only injured myself more. Every time I went to yoga and pilates, the instructor told me I should not practice and I should wait until I was out of pain. Massage provided a temporary relief of symptoms, but became too expensive to maintain.

After my first treatment on the DRX, I felt a difference. Immediately, the pain changed. It went from a very sharp, excruciating pain to a mild post exercise muscle pain. Now my daily pain is gone and my disposition is so much better. I now rarely feel pain at night and I can sleep again. I can bend over, and most importantly, I can exercise again. It's amazing. I have my life back!

I cannot thank Eben Davis and his staff enough for being so caring, professional, and most of all, treating me as the unique individual I am. The staff is completely proficient at what they do and Dr. Davis's outstanding reputation in the field was reinforced.

I highly recommend other people to Front Street for treatment on the DRX before they consider surgery, or just as I did, after undergoing surgery. I've discussed this with all my friends who have back pain (I made a lot of them when I was living with pain!) and I continuously recommend the DRX. It has brought exercise, my daughter, and my work back into my life and I feel great!

Carol T.,

Administrator, University of San Francisco

I had been living with a combination of chronic lower back pain and sciatica down my right side. I dreaded walking, standing for long periods of time, and could not sit without constant pain. My sleep was disturbed as well. Physical therapy, traditional chiropractic treatment, injections, acupuncture, and various pain medications proved futile.

After only two treatments with the DRX my pain began to subside. The science behind the machine holds up.

One of my motivations to begin treatment was a pre-scheduled 10-day trip to Italy, which required sitting on the long plane ride, and then standing and walking almost constantly - uphill. Would the treatments hold, or would I relapse? Thankfully, the DRX had produced results that allowed me to thoroughly enjoy my trip. I felt more energy and had greater mobility then I had had in over 10 years!

Since returning from vacation, I have completed the remaining round of visits, with even more improvement. Special exercises to strengthen my support muscles are included in the treatment plan, as well as a maintenance program to keep the pain from returning.

I can't say enough good things about the DRX, the Front Street staff and their level of care and professionalism. I would eagerly refer anyone with severe or chronic lower back pain to Executive Express Chiropractic.


Carol T.

Marlies J., Systems Analyst

I had been suffering from lower back pain and sciatica for five years before I tried the DRX. Every morning I was reminded of my condition. Every morning I experienced severe pain in my lower back and shooting pain down my legs. The pain deeply affected the way I started my day and I was not able to be as active I would have liked. After five years of the pain and trying massage, acupuncture and yoga, no real relief was achieved. I felt good immediately after, but they did not heal the source of my back pain.

After the first few decompression sessions on the DRX, I felt a HUGE difference. The pain that used to shoot down my legs was relieved. Now, after the entire treatment, the pain that traveled down my legs and made it unbearable to get out of bed is significantly gone! I feel more alive!

I am writing this testimonial because I want to thank Dr. Davis and the staff at Front Street Chiropractic for being so caring and concerned about my improvement. Dr. Davis really knows what he is talking about, and I appreciate that.

Rose M., Corporate Recruiter

The change the DRX has made in my life is unbelievable! I had suffered from low back pain and fibromyalgia for a long time. Then to top it off I injured my low back, which gave me sciatica. It was terrible.

I was in constant pain, causing me to be exhausted and depressed every day. I felt agitated all the time. I had no attention span, and I couldn't stand for long. Worse of all, I couldn't even go for walks, which I have always enjoyed all my life. Nothing seemed to help.

Within 3 days of starting treatment on the DRX, I felt an amazing difference. I just didn't realize how much pain I was living with until I started the treatments and began to feel better. Now that I'm nearing the end of my treatment regimen, the pain is gone, I have more energy, and I'm feeling normal. It's amazing to be able to go for walks again!

The thing I like most about Front Street is the staff. They are always honest with me, letting me know exactly what's going on. I've had a wonderful experience with the doctors. They know how to really help people get better, not just patch the problem. All the staff have been a joy to work with.

I would refer other people to Front Street to undergo treatment on the DRX before they consider surgery, or even after. I've told all my friends who have low back pain that I believe in the DRX. It has helped me get my life back and it will help others!

Charles V., Business Development Manager

Dr. Davis,


I want to thank you so much for helping me to regain health and to maintain my health. You and your team have provided me the support necessary to overcome pain and regain strength in my lower back. Initially, I injured my back playing football in high school, and I aggravated the injury when working at UPS. I have lived for over a decade with intermittent, chronic lower back pain.

Your work with me using the DRX and relaxation regimen has provided me relief from this condition, and I have improved considerably.

As directed by you, I have been strengthening my core spinal muscles using your Spineforce machine which specifically targets the muscles. I appreciate Aikido, and this machine truly targets a person's center or core muscles as I have experienced. This work has helped me to stay pain free.

Most importantly, as a part of your practice, you have allowed me the opportunity to come to your practice when needed and utilize your Aqua-Med massage beds and the Spineforce machine. This open door has helped me to be consistent with maintaining my health whether reducing my stress, which is considerable at times, or strengthening my body as a whole.


Thank you,

Charles V.