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Cervical Decompression Therapy with the DRX9000c

drx9000c San Francisco

Chiro-Medical Group Express in downtown San Francisco is also home to a DRX9000c  cervical spinal decompression system. Cervical decompression offers patients with neurovascular compression hope, often times when nothing else does.


The DRX9000c is able to isolate on a specific cervical spinal segment to enlarge the disc space and elongate the spine. The decompression process actually creates a negative pressure, drawing herniated disc material back to the center of the disc.


Over the past several years, we have helped hundreds of patients with decompression therapy. Many herniated disc patients have avoided surgery and returned to normal lifestyles.


The DRX9000c is an excellent choice for patients who have failed to respond to conventional neck pain therapies such as medications, physical therapy, and chiropractic.


The DRX9000c is also an excellent first choice for those who have been diagnosed with a herniated disc in the neck and are unable to handle physical therapy or chiropractic. Even elderly patients respond well to nonsurgical cervical decompression.


For a tour of our SF Embarcadero Center Clinic and the DRX9000c, call our friendly staff at 415-392-2225.