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We Have Been Providing Natural Solutions for Headaches in San Francisco for Over 20 Years.


migraine headaches treatment in san franciscoMost of the patients we treat present with either migraine headaches or tension headaches. Some are new and acute, but most are chronic and ongoing.


Some are the result of previous whiplash injuries that were left untreated or even sports injuries that knocked the spine out of alignment. Even sitting at a desk for long periods with poor posture or bad sleeping positions can lead to chronic headaches.


There is often times associated neck pain, loss of normal sleep patterns, dizziness, poor concentration, and even upper back and shoulder pain.


If your headache comes on suddenly, and there is vomiting, vertigo, and/or loss of vision and the symptoms are severe, especially if there is no trauma associated with it, you may have a medical emergency and should seek emergency medical care. This is very rare.


In our 20+ years treating headaches in the SF Financial District we have helped thousands of headaches sufferers return to more normal lives and stop taking medications that are most likely doing more harm than good.


Our clinic director and founder, Dr. Eben Davis, discovered chiropractic as a patient suffering with severe migraine headaches. He had brain scans, cat scans, MRI, hearing tests, and was prescribed every headaches medication known to man, but nothing would help. He developed an allergic reaction to Percodan and got very sick. Finally, on the advice of a friend,  he decided to seek chiropractic care as a last resort.


Not expecting to find any relief because nothing had worked so far, Dr. Davis was surprised when the chiropractor showed him his x-rays and gave him the diagnosis of "pinched nerves in the neck" and "vertebral subluxations". After just a few visits Dr. Davis began to feel better. After 6 weeks the headaches were gone.


Dr. Davis decided to become a chiropractor so that he could help others…especially those with migraine headaches. He developed specific protocols for restoring the curve in the neck and reducing nerve pressure which is a primary cause of tension and migraine headaches, as well as other forms of head and neck pain.


Over the past 21 years we have perfected these methods.


Our headaches doctors (chiropractors) are trained in these protocols. 


Dr. Davis also has expertise in the natural treatment of fibromyalgia, whiplash, and carpal tunnel syndrome. He is also certified in deep tissue laser therapy and nonsurgical spinal decompression with the DRX9000.


To find out if you are a candidate for headaches treatment at our San Francisco  Chiropractic Clinic at the Embarcadero Center, please call our friendly staff at 415-392-2225



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By Eben Davis