Low Back Pain Treatment Options

low back pain treatment in san francisco

Low Back Pain Treatment in San Francisco, CA

We have been treating low back pain in San Francisco since 1992.

Low back pain is very common. In fact, over 80% of us will experience low back pain at some point in our life. Many of us will go on to suffer with chronic back pain, which is back pain that persists for for 90 days.  The #1 predisposing factor for chronic back pain is previous back pain.

So what causes low back pain?

Low back pain can often appear to arise out of the blue for no apparent reason. However, as back pain specialists we know that there is a cause for every effect, and an effect for every cause. We also know that low back pain can work in very mysterious ways and a correct diagnosis can often be challenging.

Here are some common low back pain causes:

  • Obesity or carrying too much weight can put stress on the spine, spinal discs, muscles, ligaments and tendons leading to spine and disc degeneration and herniated and bulging discs.
  • Poor Ergonomics at work or at home can create abnormal stress on the spine.
  • Sleeping on your stomach can cause spinal distortion which leads to chronic neck and back pain as well as poor posture and headaches.
  • Sports injuries.
  • Auto Accidents.
  • Poor Posture.
  • Stress and lack of sleep can predispose the spine to injury from normal home and work activities.
  • Congenital spinal disorders which may be undetected.
  • Sprains and Sprains from slips and falls.
  • Psychological problems often manifest as back pain and must be considered.
  • And more. 

Since back pain is so common and there are many varieties of it, it is important to know the best course of action if you happen to get it.

We recommend that use a cervical pillow when they sleep with another pillow under their knees (when on their back). When you are on your side you would put the pillow between your knees. We like the Tempur-Pedic Pillows.

Here is a To-Do List of things to prevent low back pain:

  • Drink lots of water as it hydrates the spinal discs.
  • Stretch frequently.
  • Take lots of breaks at work and walk around (and stretch).
  • Use a cervical pillow.
  • Maintain proper body-weight.
  • Exercise frequently.
  • Get plenty of sleep.
  • Relax and meditate.
  • Eat a plant based diet or lots of fruits and vegetables (anti-inflammatory).

If you do happen to suffer with back pain then you should consider seeing a chiropractor. Chiropractors are lifestyle experts that can not only help you with all of the above, but can also help adjust spinal misalignment’s that may have resulted from things being out of balance or injury.

Here are some of the ways a chiropractor can help your low back pain:

  • Spinal adjustments.
  • Extremity adjustments.
  • Massage.
  • Laser.
  • Exercises.
  • Ergonomic instruction.
  • Cervical Pillow fitting.
  • Lifestyle Coaching.

Some chiropractors such as us also have medical doctors, physical therapists, athletic trainers, and advanced diagnostic equipment to assist you even further.

It may be a good idea to incorporate regular chiropractic adjustments into your health regimen to prevent low back pain…especially if you have a history of it. This is what many famous athletes and performers do. And the thing is…it’s not expensive and you have access to the same chiropractors.

To find out if you are a candidate for low back pain treatment in San Francisco please call 415-392-2225.

We have to Financial District locations to serve you and they are within walking distance of each other. Here is a link to our primary clinic Chiro-Medical Group, Inc.

Eben Davis

I am a Chiropractor in the San Francisco Financial District specializing in chronic neck, arm and hand pain. I also treat herniated discs using spinal decompression, whiplash, sports injuries, headaches, and Fibromyalgia. My clinic is certified in the use of Deep Tissue Laser Therapy with the LiteCure LCT-1000 for conditions such as shoulder pain, TMJ and Plantar Fasciitis. I have been in practice for over 20 years.

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