Hand Pain and the Role of the Neck

Hand pain doctors san francisco 94111We have been providing treatment for hand pain in San Francisco for over 20 years now. During this time we have learned much about the role of the neck when it comes to hand pain and carpal tunnel symptoms.

After-all, the nerves that innervate and control the shoulder, arm, wrist and hand, originate in the neck. The neck is the source of power, energy and life for the upper extremity.

If we were to cut-off the nerve supply from the neck to the hands, the hands would die. If there is diminished nerve supply the hands will malfunction and symptoms will manifest. In order for the hands to function at 100%, they need 100% nerve power. Some of the signs and symptoms of nerve pressure in the neck are as follows:


1. Neck Pain

2. Shoulder, Arm, and Elbow Pain

3. Wrist and Hand Pain

4. Numbness and Tingling in the Arms and Hands

5. Weakness of Grip

6. Night Pain

These are also the classic signs and symptoms of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS). Yes, the same symptoms result from nerve interference between the neck and had as true CTS, which is the result of pressure on the median nerve in the wrist. This is because the median nerve originates in the neck.

Interesting Huh? This is why it is SO important for a doctor to check you from the neck to the fingertips when you have hand pain or any of the other carpal tunnel SYMPTOMS.

There is a subset of chiropractors like us that specialise in the diagnosis and treatment of neck, arm and hand pain. Chiropractic upper extremity experts will incorporate tools such as deep tissue laser therapy, Graston Technique, ART, and upper extremity adjustments, in addition to cervical spine adjustments to remove nerve pressure from the neck to the hands.

Sometimes hand pain will resolve quickly…sometimes it takes a while. It just depends how long your condition has been there and the extent of the damage. One thing for sure…taking pain pills, anti-inflammatory medication such as cortisone injections, and wearing wrist splints, is not going to do much for you if the problem is nerve pressure in the neck from subluxations, bulging or herniated discs, disc degeneration, or muscle spasms.

Physical pressure on nerves (to the hand) requires the removal of the pressure on the nerves or the carpal tunnel symptoms will persist.

If you need help finding a carpal tunnel doctor in your area you can send me an email at ebendavis@yahoo.com and I will try to find a doctor I have trained in your area.

To schedule an appointment with one of our San Francisco Carpal Tunnel Doctors please call 415-392-2225. Mention this blog post for a complimentary consultation.

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Eben Davis

I am a Chiropractor in the San Francisco Financial District specializing in chronic neck, arm and hand pain. I also treat herniated discs using spinal decompression, whiplash, sports injuries, headaches, and Fibromyalgia. My clinic is certified in the use of Deep Tissue Laser Therapy with the LiteCure LCT-1000 for conditions such as shoulder pain, TMJ and Plantar Fasciitis. I have been in practice for over 20 years.

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