How often should you see a chiropractor?

Chiropractic-lifestyle-san-franciscoWe have been practicing our unique brand of chiropractic in San Francisco for over 20 years now. And many of the patients we met way back when are still coming in. Why would they do this…aren't they better yet?

Well…they do it because they like what chiropractic adjustments do for them. Just like people exercise and eat right because it keeps them feeling good and healthy, so do chiropractic adjustments…it's a Lifestyle Choice! 

Sure, most of the patients we see for the first time come in with specific complaints such as neck pain, low back pain, headaches, or shoulder pain, but many continue on throughout their lives at different levels because they like what it does for them. Maybe they sleep better, have more energy, get sick less often, get less sore when they workout, jump higher and run faster, to name a few things we hear. 

How often you should see a chiropractor just depends. If you live hard and fast…work a lot and play a lot you will probably need to see a chiropractor frequently…say a few times per month. It's always more in the beginning when you first see a chiropractor, because we have to work on a lifetime of physical, mental, and chemical stress that has built up inside you. Most chiropractors will recommend 10-20 visits right off the bat to stabilize your spine and rehabilitate it. Then after that you maintain it say once per month…some less, some more. It's really up to you.

Chiropractic is a tool. A tool you keep in your "Healthy Lifestyle Toolbox". We teach you how to use it…and you figure it out on your own too. The beauty of chiropractic adjustments is they are very efficient. We can work on your entire body in minutes.

At our San Francisco Chiropractic Center we serve primarily office workers and urbanites that have a limited amount of time to do anything. This is why we have very desirable open hours (9-6 M-F, 9-1 Sat), a walk-in policy, and no waiting (more than a few minutes anyway).

This means patients with chronic conditions, patients that just need a quick tune-up, or even patients involved in a whiplash or sports injury can get in and out in 30 minutes or less (usually).

This trend is catching on. Chiropractic offices around the country are becoming more consumer driven as chiropractic continues to grow and become a lifestyle choice for more and more people.

Bottom Line: Chiropractic is quick, effective, affordable, safe and gentle. It's a No Brainer.

To schedule an appointment with one of our San Francisco Chiropractors please call 415-392-2225.

Eben Davis

I am a Chiropractor in the San Francisco Financial District specializing in chronic neck, arm and hand pain. I also treat herniated discs using spinal decompression, whiplash, sports injuries, headaches, and Fibromyalgia. My clinic is certified in the use of Deep Tissue Laser Therapy with the LiteCure LCT-1000 for conditions such as shoulder pain, TMJ and Plantar Fasciitis. I have been in practice for over 20 years.

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0 thoughts on “How often should you see a chiropractor?

  1. Bethanne

    Yay for Chiropractic care every week! My body (and mind) feel much better after my regular adjustments and they help me stay pain-free… if I miss a week or two, I can definitely feel that my spine is in need of some attention!


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