Stress Management with Yoga

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73552329[1] Here we are in the middle of one the worst economic crisis' in history. And in my opinion…it's far from over.  This crisis is effecting everyone…and not in a good way. One thing for sure…it's very stressful…and stress is not healthy.

However, there are ways to counter the negative effects of stress…and one of my favorites is Yoga. What I like about Yoga is…you can dive in…hook, line, and sinker…or, you can just do the parts of it you like…even at home…or at work.

Sure…going to a Yoga studio…especially here in San Francisco, is probably the best way to learn…under the tutelage of a master…even then you don't have to do all of it… you probably couldn't anyway.

Heck, even buying a book or a video and learning some of the poses and breathing techniques on your own will most likely work wonders managing your stress. That's what I do.

Anyway, I looked around and found an excellent article about Yoga and stress on entitled:

Yoga: Improve your stress management and relaxation skills

Check it out and tell me what you think.

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